like crap down the toilet, these r tha d
2003-02-09 20:07:57 (UTC)

it's a shitty life but someone's gotta live it

Ahhh, i hate doing nothing on my weekends, but lately thats
what i've ended up doing, infact, i cant even remember the
last time i went out with my friends, which is pretty damn
sad. but oh well. anyways, hopefully i can go out with my
friend and do SOMETHING out in the city, but he couldnt
this weekend cuz he was just diagnosed with insomnia. so
yeah. and my sister lives with me now and shes coming with
me 2 her new school, mine, on monday. I hope everything
works out okay, cuz if it doesnt get better from here it'll
be a harsh thing to survive. I skipped friday.... just cuz
i felt like it, and i shouldnt really because i have 4 hard
classes but and if u dont keep up with all that math,
science english shit ur fucked. but whatever, im surprised
i havent dropped out and become a bum yet, so its all good.
but man, i got a new cd, its fuckin great, and tomorrow im
going to the gym after i work out tonight, so i think it'll
be O-K. But DAMMIT i need a job!! haaa, or a rich person.
but i dont think thats happening... AND plus tomorrow i can
buy a g and im getting some guy on the internet to mail me
another free one, so if nobody fucks up, i just might have
a good week. Here's hoping!
I'll write sooner next time