What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-22 22:37:20 (UTC)


I feel bad. I don't know why exactly, I just do. Well, I'm
sick..but I feel bad in a different way. *cries*

I'm going to see a movie tonight, so I'll probably write
later and tell you what it was about (but not enough to
ruin the movie.)

Everyone complains about not getting enough notes on their
diaries. I get NONE! So stop complaining! In fact, I really
doubt anyone reads mine *whines* Read my diary guys please!

I had the strangest dream last me tell you
about it...

It started out with a bunch of the gang in my bunkbed room.
We were just hanging out, laughing and stuff. All of a
sudden, the room started to flicker and I found myself back
in the early 20th century. There was a party being held,
for who I'm not sure, and many people were there. None of
them could see me. We were outside, and I saw an older man
bugging a girl about my age to "perform" for him. At first
I thought she was a stripper, but turns out she was an
actress. She was obviously upset by all this, but she went
to perform anyways. The man tossed her money, it almost
landed in a well, but missed by an inch and landed in the
grass beside it. She picked it up and tried to give it
back, but he wouldn't accept it. She took a doll and went
over to the balcony. The doll was alive and looked just
like a little girl. She hung her on some hooks and started
the performance. The little doll said "Mommy, I can't stay
like the other girls can." And the girl said, "That doesn't
matter." The hooks looked like they were trying to wrap
themselves around the doll. The girl took the doll off the
hooks and sat her on the balcony saying something
like, "It's okay to be different." The girl was crying and
holding the doll close to her when it ended. Everyone
applauded. Then the girl ran away. I went to chase after
her. I got on a boat with a man who said he knew where she
lived. Appearantly, I existed now, adn it wasn't the early
20th century anymore, it was present day. The driver
(captain) of the boat looked very familiar but it wasn't
anyone who was in the dream before.We arrived on a small
island. The girl from the party was there to meet us. She
looked slightly upset at me being there. She asked me what
I was doing there. I didn't know what to say, so she took
me inside the little house, that turned out to be only one
room, very nicely furnished. She said "Who's turn is it?"
and seemed to be waiting for an answer. Then she took me
back outside. We stood by a large tree decorated in large
clear glass balls. She called them looking glasses. She
told me to look through one. I did, and inside the
previously empty house there was a guy who looked about the
age of 20. I gasped and looked through the window again,
this time without the looking glass, and he wasn't
there.The girl said, "How would you like a house where
people never leave, even after they're dead?" I went inside
the house and I could now see at least 7 ghosts. The girl
got on a boat an left, without any explanation. I called up
some people I knew and they came up. Strangely, we became
friends with the ghosts. Then I found myself standing in
the lobby of a university. There were stairs to my right,
and a long hallway to the left. I went up the stairs. At
the top was a landing, and I stood there, watching people
go in and out the doors. There were two doors One for
students and one for professors. A male student came up the
stairs and was about to go in through the door when someone
called out to him. It was a prof. The student waited. The
prof came up, kissed the student on the neck, said "I'll
see you tonight." and went in through the prof enterance.
The student grinned and went his own way. Then I was back
at the "haunted" house. Hutson was at the door so I invited
him in and was introducing him to everyone, including the
ghosts. Surprisingly, he could see them without looking
through the looking glass first. It was then we found out
that Hutson was dead. Then I found myself in a department
store like Zellars (or Wal*Mart for all you Americans) with
Trevor and "Taylor". We decided we would "wreak havoc" upon
the store. So we were running around tipping things over
and such. I bumped into Trevor and he told me to go ask
out "Taylor", because he was waiting for me in the toys
aisle. That was when I woke up. does it sound like? Weird, or what? I still
have the pictures of everything that happened in the dream
in my head. Like it was happening now, know? Right. Ah
well. I think I'll get going.