my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-02-09 18:52:53 (UTC)

Breakfast for dinner?

time:1:43pm[oh johny boy!]
ok i am so sleepy. i am going crazy. like 2 min ago i was
running around the hose sreaming at the top of my lungs.
and bevis and butt head was on the tv the other day. omfg
it made my life...... i was so happy to see it. and yeah
john just stoped up to get his playstation2 b/c i stole it
from him a few weeks ago. i am so pissed it acually gave
me something to do. gerrrr. and yeah i need to go get
dressed i just got outta the shower and i have so much
stuff to do and now that fucking crack head is gone i can
acctually get some of it done. im out but i'll be back!
listing to: juliana theory wohooo!!!!

time:8:22pm[i just had breakfast for dinner]
yeah i cleaned pretty much all of today. i made maria's cupcakes and
they look yummy. a few a re a litte crunchy but he it is all good
right? lol! i guess mikey is making cupcakes for her to.
on friday night i went to my docters apointment and yeah the lady
was all up in my buisness about my depression and it really pissed
me off. she was cting like she knew what she was talking about and i
knew she didnt and that pissed me off even more. she was telling me
not to move away b/c i will miss my mom and bla bla bla. she wanted
to give me paxle but i wanna wate untill i get back from colorado. i
dont ant it to fuck me all up and have it happen to me while i am
out there. then my mom brought me back to marias and we decorated
for her party. and everyone started to show up around like 6:30-
7:00. everyone came that said they were gonna except teryn.... yeah!
we had so much fun. i got to meet jennas "friend" becca. she is kewl
as hell i think she thinks i am a freak though. i was acting like an
ass all night. i was mostly talking to liz gulant and alice haha
double D's. sorrie girl but that is the best nick-name for you. lol
then when everyone started to leave me and maria and the guys
started drinking. i had a pretty good buz going on and maria....
well maria was fucking wasted. it was so fun we totally trashed her
room and he cusins were up there with all of us almost the whole
time. i can not belive they saw us wasted it is fucking hilariouse.
then we went to be at like 2 or something and we had to get up at
9:00 to go to shell and justines cheerleading compition at hudson
valley. it was so awsome. maria wasent feeling to hot all day but i
was fine. shell got 2nd in the individual non-tummbling section
which is fucking awsome. good job shell!!!!! and our whole varsity
squad got 3rd place for the groupe compition. so that was a fun
morning and afternoon.then we went home and picked up the house. it
was fucking trashed. then got in the shower and got ready for the
dance. i wore marias pink shinny dress. everyone said it looked god
on me but i got no boobs so i though it looked gay at first. then i
finnished getting ready then it looked better. we went to the dance
around 7:45 8:00 some were around there. i walked in and jay like
atacked me it was mad funny.... well ithough it was. haha! then me
and maria went and found our friends and i seriously did not stop
dancing once all night. i had so much fun. shelby's dress was awsome
it was bearly there but it was fucking hott!kylie had the same one
on but it was all good. i dont think eather of them really cared. i
danced with kenny once cuz jason came up to me and was like the next
slow dance you gotta dance with him....... what ever i didnt
care......oh and i begged mr.engle to play meatloaf and he did me
and maria and bean were so happy. shell wasent there b/c she went to
justins around 9:30 and didnt tell maria she was kinda pissed. then
we left and went to frienly's. i didnt get anything cuz i had no
dollers but it was ok b/c i wasent hugery anyway. then we wentback
to marias. so over all this weekend was fucking awsome. i had some
muc fun! im watching charmed right now and it is fucking weird. guys
that look like that killer guy jason. i dont know what movie he is
from but he is scurry looking. aghhhhhhh!!!!! i am going to school
early tomarrow so i can decorat marias locker and shiznat. i hope
she likes it. and i had and anouncement put on to for her. but i
think i am gonna go now i gotta go do some shit and go to
out talk to all ya later.

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