2001-09-22 22:06:38 (UTC)

I Will Remember You

I Will Remember You is the title of a haunting song by Sarah
McLachlan. It was used as the background for a video which
showed each of the high seniors during the school day. I
saw the video at Owen's senior potluck dinner, at graduation
rehearsal, and at graduation. I bawled each time. It was
embarrassing but I couldn't help myself. Gavin worked with
his friend Dan in putting that video together and he gave me a copy for
my computer. He also burned a CD of the song for me which
he labeled "Mom's sad song".

I've heard that it's been one of the most requested songs on
the radio since the September 11th attacks. I'm not

I am surprised that some radio stations are not playing John
Lennon's Imagine or Cat Stevens Peace Train. I think those
are two very appropriate songs to be listening to right now.
Just my own opinion, of course.