A Rey of Light
2003-02-09 18:45:54 (UTC)

Love and Hate


I love the way you look at me and make me warm inside.
I hate the way you are like your friends whenever they are
I love the way you talk to me and listen through the night.
I hate it when you ignore me and act like I'm never around.
I love your smile, your beautiful eyes...I could stare at them
all day.
Your drinkings ways, I can't explain...oh god how they drive me
up the wall.
I love the way you are patient with me and never lose your
I hate it how you never try, but seem to think that you deserve.
I love it when you tell the truth...I hate it when you
You tell me that you love me so, but most times I
don't believe.
I wish somedays you would show, just how much to me.
You need no brains or a great body, these things mean
shit to me.
Your personality and happiness, this is all I need.
Don't ask me how I feel, for this answer is not
Just love me, hate me, or leave me alone...and let the sadness
go away.