Procrastination is Key
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2001-09-22 21:37:02 (UTC)


HEHE- today has been very exciting. I went to the game just
hoping for a little fun, but what I got was an AWESOME
treat! Carolina kicked some FSU butt today folks(41-9), and
they did it by playing well, and apparently forcing FSU to
commit lots of nasty little penalties;-) I am glad that I
got over that annoying illness that I had just in the nick
of time- had I felt like I did for the last 2 days I
wouldn't have made it I fear- but all is well!:-p I could
afford to not eat for two days anyway- hehe.
On to the next exciting thing- a random phone call!- I never
get phone calls(except blake once in a while- thanks
dude:-p)- I guess that is why I call this one random! It was
my brother Karl- apparently he was foolish enough not to
watch the game so he called for an eye witness account I
guess, and we had a nice little conversation.
Also- I think that I am excited for Kat- b/c she is hanging
out with her potentional man again today/tonight- yay! I
can't wait to hear how it went.
I think that might be it- I just had to take a break from
the MOST EXCITING thing of all- math hw (HAHAHAHAHA- does
everyone believe that description)- and write a little
something:-) adios mis amigos!

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