Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-02-09 17:50:23 (UTC)

Screaming In Silence

yesterday, i wrote my heart out. quite litteratly. i
spoke my mind and got no wheres wth it. turns out i forever
lost my chance w/ lindsey. its ok thought, she will be
happy w/out me so i will be happy about that.i have no
worrys for i gave God all my worries and asked for Jesus to
fill my heart w/ his everlasting love. and he has. the Lord
is an answer to everyones wants. if u have a problem give
it to the Lord, confess ur porblem and the Lord will save u
from it. a new friend taught me all this, and i thank u so
much kali for it, u have truely helped me.
the Lord put me threw all of this so that i can grow
stronger, and teach others the correct paths, threw my
mistakes. sometimes learning from our own mistakes isnt
always best, learn from other peoples mistakes and don't
make your own to begin w/.
once agian people told me about yesterdays entry."OMG how
can u ever think of stuff like that", people u dont have to
think to write. i didn't think a damn word of that. my
heart told me what to type. Poetry is the art of the heart.
listen to your heart and u will become a great poet. i am
not saying that i am a great one, nor am i saying i am a
poet anyway. cause i haven't got in touch w/ my heart yet.
the very second i come in to tears after reading something
i wrote, nevermind what others think...THEN i will all
myself a poet. cause a poet has to be self-proclammed
before h can be reconized.
me and lindsey or over, at least thats what she tells
me, as much as i dont want to agree, i have to. she needs
better than me and she will have it now, it is time for me
to move on. and i am.

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