baby pink
2003-02-09 17:47:18 (UTC)

kick a girl wen she down....

fuck i ve had a really bad weekend .... a mean thursday was
shit hot ... drama was cancelled n me n pot just went to the
pub n we got totally wrecked n everythin was cool but on fri
i tohught i had a hangova but it turned out i did nt n that
i had the flu.. so i feel totally shit... then make things
worst i have a revoltin pulse satin cold sore on ma lip so
now i cant even kiss ma hunni.... whats worst rite is the
fact that sum lil fickin cadette goin bitch hacked into ma
hotmail n gave ma mate mark abuse n then we had a major
argument endin up like a world war it was a nitemare now
everythin is fucked

xXx BaBy PiNk xXx

pss soz bout language tonite majorlly pissed off