the blue period

Spanning Time
2001-09-22 21:07:50 (UTC)

Boredom can make a man do crazy things

Ok, so I can't believe I started this. I've always laughed
at people who have online diaries, and called them Emo, but
I'm bored, and even if nobody ever reads this, I just feel
like blabbing to a screen. So I'm sitting at work. Yeah.
I was thinking about how lately, people have been driving
me crazy. Then, I started to wonder if it is them driving
me crazy, or if I've always been insane and that others
around me are losing it because of me. Hmmm... So enough
with that. Went to see Pretty Girls Make Graves last night
at Chain Reaction. SO GOOD. They're playing Sunday night
at Koos, but we have band practice. Oh well, I guess some
things are just more important. So how bout this country
lately? More importantly, how bout that Bush guy thinking
he can declare war. What a stupid asshole. I heard that
he said something about planning on a 10 year war? What
the hell? Doesn't anyone remember that Russia got there
asses kicked all over that desert for 10 years straight,
and they had the largest army in the whole world? How
about these gung ho americans who wanna go over there and
kill every man, woman, and child. Is anyone else scared of
these people. Or am I the only one that thinks that we'd
be no better than the terrorists who attacked us if we kill
innocent people? Politics. Bleh! Ok, so I'm done with
current events. I think it's time to listen to more
Nirvana. Ahhh...... In Utero. We've been practicing with
Camille lately, and everything sounds really good. I'm
excited for the show in October at Koos. Should be alot of
people there for the other bands. Okay, well, todays
recommendation is Taxi Driver.