My Utterly Depressing Life
2003-02-09 14:52:34 (UTC)

he kissed another girl

I had this really complicated relationship with this guy
Danny. we went out for two years and were really in love
and then lat month everything started to fall apart. I
January he dumped me cause he was havin committment
issues ,only 5 days after i lost my virginity to him,
(Note: i'm only 15!!!) the he begged for me back 6 days
later. then he came over 2weeks ago and stuff happened
again. On Monday we had a huge fight because he bearly
ever has time for me anymore. we broke up. then the next
day we decided that we could be friends, but it got to be
really hard cause we were both saying i love u and making
sexual jokes and stuff. we decided thatuntil we got used
to being apart, we would still have everything in a
relationship except the title and just gradually drift
apart. Then he didn't call me last night until like 11 (im
not supposed to get calls after 10) and he tells me that
he went to the movies with this slutty bitch named
christine and they madeout like the entire time! I hung up
on him crying and call one of our mutual friend (and my
best friend) to call him for me. hes gonna call me later
and i dont know what to say! Help!!