Life in PingPong's Day
2001-09-22 20:31:17 (UTC)


been gone for 6hrs.With mom..
Went to the bank then went to one store then to the next
just for 4 things,then to h.e.b. that took about 4hours.
came home rested fot 30mins talked to Snowy he's so cute :)
then went to the mall to look for something for me to
wear,then my mom starts complaing that she's hungry,over
and over again was getting annoying with her..found nothing
that got me sad I really did want to get something.sat
around for about 40mins with her because she wanted to try
on all these ugly shoes.finally got to leave!
I'm at home i'm okay just hot. :( I hope it rains need
rain,feet tired..later might go to bookstore to see if i
can get something good to read.
Well thats my afternoon..
my moring..
I got up at 7am and waited,waited,and waited some
more..nope he didn't come online :( I think i might give up
waiting on the weekends for him because it seems as if he
forgot about me already.
thats about it
stupid's working really slow today got
disconnected while trying to save this,it looks like it's
going to rain soon! so I'm happy about that they said were
going to get a cold front in this week! Yes! no more hot
weather anymore..

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