Yet Another Average Diary
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2003-02-09 13:57:40 (UTC)

Used And Confused

Hey. I'm not in the best of moods, but then again I am.
Okie.. Wull, Friday night I got my first French kiss by
the guy I have this huge crush on .. And I've been going
to his house everday after school since like Wednesday or
Thursday. Er.. Well, starting Thursday or Friday or
something, he's been going up my shirt and stuff. I'm not
stopping him, here, lol, I mean really.. But then he acts
as if nothing happened when we're at the bowling alley or
something. I have this feeling he's using me or something.

Haha. It was funny last night @ his house before we went
to the bowling alley. We blew in eachother's mouths. rofl
It felt and looked weird. He told my sister and her
boyfriend to do it and they did then started making out
afterwards. Yeah.. Er..

And I'm confused. I mean, does he actually like me like he
says he does? Is he just telling me that to make me feel
better? Is he using me? I don't know... I want to know.
Hell, wouldn't YOU? Yeah. Uhm. Yep... Damn. Why do I have
to like him so much? DAMN X_x;;

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