All in the Night
2001-09-22 20:01:11 (UTC)


Well, i have to say that this weekend has gone pretty
good. Yeah, our football team lost on Friday, but what's
new....at least the band did a good job. Well, i think the
band did a good job anyways. We're doing a Mr.
Rogers/Mario theme or something so it's kinda intersting.
Afte the game i had like 11 peple come over and that was
pretty cool too. Amanda couldn't stay but for like 20
minutes but everybody else stayed until like 2 and then
Sarah, Kt, Cj, Amber and Candi stayed the night. Candi
gets on my nerves!!! But it ended up that half of us
watched a movie and the other half went into another room
and TALKED ABOUT PEOPLE. I have to say that it pisses me
off, and whoever reads this is probably going to be
confused as to what i'm tlakign about, but amber and candi
and sarah and i all talked about it...people need to get
oever their little trips on how things look....i mean it's
not your life, stay out of it...Lol the funniest part of
the night i think was when Amber decided that she wanted to
so a back handspring and Amanda and i let her fall on her
head...and NO it wasn't intentional! Oh yeah, i have to
say that Andrew is like the most adorable guy ever...i
think he's part of the reason it was such a good night.
Well, anywyas, i suppose i have to go make an appearance at
my church picnic...i have a date too. Agh, i think the
only reason we go out on dates is b/c there's really
nothing else to do......but anyways, i'm out

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