Nick's Journal
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2001-09-22 19:53:20 (UTC)


I'm starting to slack of with my journal entries. Seems
like a dying fad for me, but still it's fun to play the
keyboard like a piano and watch the words fill my screen.
As I watched the smoke circulate out into my room, I
realized that life is a lot like it. It starts out full,
and then dissipitates into a frenzied discombobulation.
The whirls of smoke seperating until it is no more. Well
then again life isn't always like that, just when you feel
exasperated about your situation.
I wonder about my thoughts. When I look at someone and
think that I can gauge exactly where they will be going in
life. I watched this one guy in my acis class who
meticulously took out all of his "utensils" and books, and
waited for class to start. I figured that that's the way
he will live and die. He'll go to a job, be extra prepared
every morning and then meander through the drudgery of
every day life. He'll annoy his wife because he never does
anything out of the ordinary, and gets pissed off when
there is the slightest change in his routine, yet she stays
with him because she's "tried the other kind" and he
provides her with stability.
-- Wal-mart, this time it wasn't problematic. Crisi and I
took our blood pressures (i won) :-). this time their
people actually did make a difference, they made me elevate
their status from knuckle-draggers to mildly retarded
chimps, they pointed me in the right direction. yes that's
right because i'm so much better than anyone that ever
works at wal-mart, and i know EVERYBODY that's ever worked
at wal-mart so i can generalize.
-- i laughed right out fucking loud during quantitative
methods. actually it was a churtle. you know where spit
and snot mix into a beautiful concoction that dribbles down
your chin, and then you wipe off, just as every super model
in the world walks in and stares directly at you. what
made me laugh like that you ask? a ferret that pushed my
professor out of the way, took the mic and sang "because i
got high" by afroman.....that's why i could never do
acid...i mean who knows what i'd do then? i'd probably
join jimmy (the ferret) in harmony.
-- hypothetically let's say you care bout someone, and they
dont' know. hypothetically all you do is bitch to your
friends. hypothetically you could change your situation. in
reality you just avoid, and wallow in your grief.
because my life is sooooooooooo horrible...but still. :-)
-- my friend marcin from poland is so much cooler than
anyone else, he has awesome political views, and he eats a
lot of red cabbage, without farting. i tried some of that
shit, i wiped out the eastern portion of Katowice (in the
southwest of Poland). i think i'm gonna go back, it was
beautiful, and to think that hell on earth still exists.
don't believe me? go to're smart, you'll
figure out what that place is.

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