Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-09 09:58:51 (UTC)

Of My Sister, The Top Floor Of A Bus And Leroy Burrell.

In a dream of about 15 minutes ago. I was meeting somebody
in Huddersfield, but was surprised to find my sister
milling about, doing not much, trying to find a job - this
actually made me think "I ought to get a job" as I slept.
Anyhow, I persuaded her to join me on the bus home, as our
mum would be really happy to see her.

So we waited, she got on the wrong bus but got off it - it
said the right number on the side, but not the front - and
I went to the in-bus-stop cashpoint to find out I had no
money, and Steve Rider was most annoyed by my dallying
whilst there. As he is.

Eventually, we got onto a bus and went upstairs. I got
chatting to somebody up there, I can't think who, but the
guy behind interrupted with "My favourite sprinter was
always Leroy Burrell"

Of course, then followed a 20 minute or so spell of me
trying to convince everyone on the bus, including, oddly,
Nick Faldo, that Leroy Burrell was one of the world's top
sprinters ever.

The highlight was my hand gestures for "Never. Since. The.
Dawn. Of. Time. Has. Homo. Sapians. Moved. Faster. They
have now, but that's another point". There was a lot of
raucous laughter and amusement, even by myself. But I did
wake up in a hurry.

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