Jenns stuff
2001-09-22 19:42:08 (UTC)

how i started goin wit terry!!!!

Today, i went down to the rink skating wit,
Tommy,Heather,Adam,Terry Barnes and Cyril Butler. We all had
fun. after a while, heather asked Terry if he would go wit
me. he actual said YES!! i was shocked when heather came
over and when Terry came over to me.

When we got into the change room, Cyril said to Terry that
it was good that he said yes where cyril was goin out wit my
best friend. Before Heather, Tommy, Adam and I left, heather
told terry that I(me) would give him a call.

That night, i went to the rink to watch dad's hockey game.
when i got there Terry was there. We started talkin till
heather got there and then Terry had to go out on the ice.
Heather was only there for 1/2 hour and then she left cause
she got cold. She asked me to go home wit her but i said
that i was goin to stay and wait for dad to finish hockey.

I was there for 1 hour and 1/2 later. After hockey was over.
i talked to Terry till dad got ready to go home. Then i left
the rink and came home.

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