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2001-09-22 19:41:32 (UTC)

?¿?Friends or More?¿?

Alright this is kinda a weird story that I really shouldn't
tell anyone this because I have a boyfriend and everything,
but I will anyway. Ok, well for a while now me and this
guy(Scott)have been getting really close…like friend
wise……and we've like talked on the phone every day for like
at least 3 hours…I mean we know like everything about
eachother. He even knows like most embarrassing moment
which my friends don't even know…its kinda weird. But
anyway we are like really good friends or whatever and we go
drinking and stuff a lot and we're always playing jokes on
people and stuff for fun. Well our latest trick was going
to be to get drunk and then go to this churchy thing and
fool around and try to make his Ex jealous and to bug one of
my friends. But then it turns out our ride couldn't go so
we couldn't go either. So, he still came down and we went
drinking at my house for a while and then we went walking
with some of my friends, but we were the only ones drinking.
Well of course he knows I have a boyfriend and everything,
but I guess he didn't really care or anything cause we went
for a little walk by ourselves and he was all touchy-feely
and stuff….at first it started off that I had burs on my ass
because we were sitting in the grass and I couldn't get them
off, so he was like I'll get them off and he started feeling
up my ass, and since no one was around(like none of my
friends or anything) I decided that it really couldn't hurt
anyone since my boyfriend would never find out. Then we
both got really touchy-feely since we knew no one could see
us or anything. I hate to admit this since I do have a
boyfriend that I love dearly but it really felt good and I
knew my current boyfriend would almost definitely never do
that kinda stuff. But anyway, then we went to get my
friends again and I told him to like tone it down cause if
they saw him and I getting close they would tell my
boyfriend, and of course that wouldn't be good. So we went
for a walk with 2 of my friends and he was walking like
really slow so I slowed down so he wouldn't be all alone,
but then he like grabbed my ass again and I kinda gave him a
dirty look and stuff cause my friends were right there and
he was like don't worry, they aren't looking and stuff. So
I ignored it or whatever but he did it again so I told him
to stop and he was like come on u know it feels good and I
was like ya, but my friends are right there and I have a
boyfriend. So, for a while he kinda smartened up but he
still hinted. Then we like stopped at the park cause he
wanted to sit down for a while, so we were at the park and
my friends were on the swings and me and Scott where sitting
on the top of this big hill. He was like looking up at the
sky (it was at night right) and he was complaining that he
couldn't see the stars, so he put his head on my stomach
just when my friends came and they were like saying that he
had his head on my boob and they were like…o yea we should
tell Tyler and everything. Then they were saying that I
should dump Tyler and go out with Scott because we were
perfect for eachother, but I kept saying no and then Scott
was agreeing with them and he was saying that we should just
make out right there since my friends didn't care and he was
saying that my friend would laugh at me if I didn't make out
with him, so I was like yea but my friends would laugh more
if I had to kick his ass, so he shutup. Then my friends
left again and we were talking and he was like trying to
convince me that my friends wouldn't mind if we got together
and I kept telling them they would, and so would my
boyfriend, but deep inside I really wanted to but I kept
thinking about Tyler, so I just couldn't. So then we were
walking back to one of my friends house again, and by that
time we had met up with my 2 friends once again, so we were
walkin to one of their houses and I was like really REALLY
cold, so he put his arm around me and was rubbing my arm to
warm me up, so again my friends were saying how they should
tell Tyler or else I should dump him because me and Scott
were perfect for eachother, but I told them he was just
warming me up cause he was a nice guy, and then just to like
prove me wrong he moves his hand lower and starts rubbing my
ass. So I moved his arm up again and he was like pouting
and was saying how he knew that I liked it and that I
shouldn't care what my friends thought. I knew he was right
but there was that thought of Tyler as usual in my head. So
then we were at my friends again and he was sitting in one
of those chairs with wheels and I was sitting on the floor
right in front of his chair against a kitchen island. He
was leaning over me and had his hands on the island, and was
telling me to just not worry about my boyfriend and stuff,
and I told him I just couldn't do that…aspecially with my
friends right there cause they would tell him for sure.
Then, a while later we all decided it was kinda late and we
should get home, so he phoned his brother to come pick him
up. So me and him went to the school(where he was meeting
his brother) and again he was like alright no one is
looking…lets make out…blah blah….but then 2 of my male
friends came and one of them was saying how I would jump at
the first chance to get with Scott, and I told him that
wasn't true, so he asked Scott and he said how mean I was
and how I wouldn't even give him a piece or anything. The
guy still didn't believe us so Scott tried to make out with
me while the 2 guys were standing right there, so of course
knowing my boyfriend would find out I pushed him away, and
he was like..told u she was mean. Then his brother came and
stuff, and I went home, and now I regret pushing him away.
And I told some other friends all the crap that happened and
they all seem to think I should dump Tyler and go with
Scott. Its so weird!!