The crazy world of me
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2003-02-09 07:05:45 (UTC)

People are crazy these days

Yeah so last night I come home from the basketball game
and I went to sleep because well I wasn't really feeling
that great. Then at 11:30 someone calls here and it
sounded as if they were like playing some recording to me
and it was all just so weird but I don't know I am still
trying to figure it out.
So yesterday also I asked my mom about birth control. Oh
my gosh it was so funny. I did it in the weirdest way
ever. Which is pretty typical for me because I am kind of
out there. But anyway.
I also came to the conclusion that no matter much how
many times I say I am over Ricky that I am not. It hurts
so bad to see him when he is messin with people. You know
what I mean. I really don't want to have that kind of
feelings for him anymore but Obviously I do. I don't know
I guess later I will figure something out. I still want to
have the boy around for "fun" because I don't want to mess
around with a bunch of people but I am not sure if that
will happen but I have been this horn ball so I can't help
doing what I do when I am around him. But yeah he was
suppose to come over tonight but he didn't but he called.
I will talk about that later.
So today I went to this wrestling meet at my school it
was so much fun. I went to one before and thought it was
tight but I never went to another one so I went to day and
it was good stuff. I guess its kind of depends on if you
make it fun or whatever. So when we go to state I might go
just because that would be tight.
Yeah so Ricky called me tonight and he was acting so
weird! It kind of made me think that he was the one who
called my house last night. I don't know but I think he is
the weirdest person I ever met. Actually not really but he
was acting to weird for me. I don't know but he was
screwing with my head I think. I will kick him in his
fucking eye if he was. I don't know about that kid
though. But I am going to go I guess. Bye!!

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