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2003-02-09 06:57:39 (UTC)

Another Night...

yea Bobby was ignoring me like all night and then finally
he came over to me and told me what was wrong and we talked
about it and we hugged...but Im not gonna type all his
business on the net so um yea......... lol...my friend
Emily almost beat the shyt out some gurl taday, I hadda
hold her back man she wuz goin crazy!.. some lil black gurl
who looked like she was like 12 acted like she wuz all hard
because she pushed me and I gave her a dirty azz look and
shes all like, I know u aint look at me like that and I was
like yup I did and she just looked at me lol ... people are
so immature and dumb! .. Im cold I think I should finish my
water, brush my teeth, then go to bed..sounds good ta me...

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