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2001-09-22 19:16:32 (UTC)

Intro Entry.....

This is my first entry in this particular online
diary. I
have another online diary that I have been maintaining for
nearly 2 years now. However, that particular site seems to
always be down for repair.
So I suppose this will be my alternate site to write when I
cannot write in my other one.
Yesterday I went and saw a psychic for the first time. It
was very interesting. Especially because I was somewhat
skeptical at first. But she amazed me with the stuff she
knew! And if she knows half as much about the future as
she does about present and past events I will be very happy
Tonight we have my cousin's wedding to go to. D, my live
in boyfriend, has been complaining about it all week. I
told him to relax, it's not like it's our wedding or
We have all three kids this weekend which should be fun
when it comes to getting them all dressed and ready for the