One hell of a life
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2003-02-09 06:02:14 (UTC)

2-9-03 entry forty one

Last night was pretty interesting.

My mom's restaraunt has done an unofficial test opening and
all these important people were invited and stuff. I was
literally forced to sit with my dad and his mates and their
wives and friends. They were all british and older, and
real well educated - I absolutely loved their accents and
way of speaking. Anyway they all did this survey thing
about the restaraunt. It opens at six every night, and
until eleven, is a restaraunt. Then from 11:00 until like,
2:00, it's a bar with loud music. It's all red and black
and it's a mix of french and chinese food. it's pretty cool.

Anyway that evening passed and I went home, watched some
FRIENDS. Patrick called this morning three times before I
woke up.

School tomorrow, dont really want to go but I'm hoping
there will be new people again. Hint hint, hot guys. I know
I said I wasnt going to get into them but I'm addicted...

Oh and at the opening last night, my moms good friend (she
is SO rich I'm serious, her and her husband have bought five
houses in our compound (they live in the same one as us)
and is always buying us random stuff like I swear, sometimes
dad'll like open the door, like right there on the doorstep
there'll be this massive expensive potted plant for the
lounge. And her husband owns like, three companies.) ANYWAY,
like she "officially" pronounced me her god-daughter, and her
and her husband were like the happiest things ever. So today
she came over and gave me these EXPENSIVE chocolates from
Holland and these waffle things.

I'm so spoiled. God, somebody shut me up, I just never stop