The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-02-09 05:39:07 (UTC)

sry updates

ok so ne ways i havent written in a while but i went 2 the
movies last nite and i saw sum pees frum muh skool and
gizzy called and came 2 say hi and meh and sam ate the good
sandwich and hung out w/ her friends (even tho i hate them)
and matts in las vegas he calls meh every day and he called
muh house talked 2 muh mom lol and he thought she was muh
sis muh mom is all like moddy lately and sickand uhhhg hummm
i need matt but i dont wanna call and this new "love
interest" hunter is 2 retarded 2 listen i cant scare him
away yet i wanna call emma but its 2 late but no 1 else
would understand and i cant call ivan hes 2 biast towards
sam and wow this sucks ass but matt is a great friend
hunter is cute and mefan hanleys lil bro uhhhg but ne wayz
its getting late and its been a long day and ubhhhhhg
gurrrrrr i dont kno wut todo i will write down the ecture i
got 2 nite later cuz it was funny and i havent talked 2
andrew so i figure we dont like achother w/e that means
ever party we have liek that we can "hook up"