ramblings of a madwoman
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2001-09-22 18:35:15 (UTC)

how do you do it....

song of the moment: AFI-third season

Well... i have this craptacular webjournal now. isn't that
just the most exciting thing ever? no? oh well, i tried.

i'm soo tired this morning. i feel like my head is packed
full of gauze. i'm not sick, i'm just... meh. a whole
lotta 'meh'. what a wonderful descriptive word.

so yeah, NDSS licks bwalls. there are too many people in
too few hallways, and no one has ever heard of a little
thing called courtesy. i feel like a blood cell in one of
dick cheney's arteries when i'm going to my locker.
(political humour kids... yeah, i know. it's not really
funny} my teachers are for the most part, pretty good.
french is the only real struggle i'm having, mostly because
i never know what we're doing. perhaps because it is all...
how you say... en français? and because mme. t. (heheh like
mr. t! i'm protecting the names of people i don't care for)
doesn't really teach the subject, she just tells us what to
do. gets to be a little frustrating is all. i miss having
english and art classes. i'm feeling stifled. geez, i am
such a pretentious artist-type. someone kick me in the
teeth. then i'll write a poem about it.

well, it's another weekend, i have no plans. i wish i did.
i like having things to look forward to. but being the
silly girl i am, i did not think ahead. ah well. something
will present itself. or i'll sit on my ass alone the whole
weekend. blast.