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2003-02-09 05:14:32 (UTC)

Ho-hum...V-day coming up


Well, Valentine's Day is once again about to loom it's ugly
head again. And Once again, Here I sit all alone, single,
depressed, and almost friendless. Oh what a great world it
is! I hate this time of year. All you see on TV is people
celebrating being happy with a loved one, you see people on
the street that are happy with their partner, and then you
have family members that have someone, while you sit there
single and miserable!

Got one V-day card but that one was expected, it was from
my dad and I'm sure I'll get one from my Mom. It's just not
the same. I hate this empty feeling inside. I can't get rid
of it. I'm tired of feeling only half complete. Half Full.
It gets very painful. It seems like I'm living in this
world where I get friends and boyfriends but they always
end up leaving for some reason or another. Like I'm doomed
to be a lone. It's been so long since I've had a real
relationship, and felt needed and wanted etc. I want it so
bad. I would go after Brett again, but I've decided not to.
Just not going to happen between us, so I'm just going to
give up and be happy with just having him as a friend.
Better than nothing, right?

Well, I'm going to go now. Don't really want to talk
anymore on this. Just making me sadder.


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