Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-22 18:30:37 (UTC)

why me?

Why me?! This is so pathetic. If I had dealt with it a
long time ago I wouldn't be going through this right now, or
I at least wouldn't feel so guilty for something I didn't
do. It just makes me so angry...okay. No. I'm not going
to go into that because we're going to church later today
and I want to be able to enjoy it or at least keep my mind
on it rather than this whole thing. Lord, I pray for the
strength to put this out of my mind and the patience and
tenderheartedness to learn to forgive. Amen.
...Hm...I wonder if my prayers are ever mocked. Especially
by...never mind. That would be getting into it again.
Jamie is such a sweet heart! She gave me the nicest card
from when she was in PA...thank you Jamie if you ever read
this!!! Oh, and to anybody who cares: if you ever visit
Turtle Lake, WI (which I did yesterday) stop in at Subway
cuz they have got REALLY hot guys working there! I was just
like "oh my goodness!" It was quite a nice meal to say the
least...even though we only stayed ten minutes.
My ear started hurting again yesterday. Grr! Sorry...I'm
babbling to try and stop myself from thinking but it's not
working so well. Oh well. Some people are more forgetful
than others...which can be a blessing in disguise. I guess
we're going from church to the bar for supper. Hehe. My
grandparents are funny like that.
If I took out that first paragraph my life would sound so
good...and BE so good. I just wish that I could cut and
paste bits of my heart like that. But I digress...again...