The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-22 18:26:15 (UTC)

Saturday 9-22-01

Hey readers,

I am doing great I am at my boyfriend house right now
but he is not here wiht me. He went to work with my father-
in-law(inside joke) lol. Well I am sitting here typing away
on my diary while my boyfriend's little brother plays video
games. & my nephew sits on the floor eating chicken, that
my mother-in-law bought him, from IHOP. My boyfriend woke
up this morning to me getting off the bed. I was fixing the
blankets because they were all on the floor, and all on me.
So I got up and fixed that. Then he woke up and we were
talking, then his dad came in the room to get his uniform
for his job. Then his mom came in the room to say something
to him. Then I say goodbye to Jose. I went back to sleep in
his brothers room, where we slept for the night. Then I
don't know what time it was, but his brother woke me up
asking me if I was going to go to IHOP with them. I got up
& I decided not to take a shower. Got dresses quickly,
then me, my boyfriends mom, & brother left to IHOP.

When we got to Ihop, I decided to bring a Brisk Ice
Tea with me because I am now fatally addicted. Just
kidding , but I love the stuff. Well we went in and ordered
our food which was fashionable late. But it was good, I
stuffed my tummy full with all kinds of good IHOP stuff.

Now we just got home and I am sitting on the computer.
I have not done anything great this morning I am still
really sleepy. Well I need to go ask Jose's mom to wash my
shirt and stuff. I am going to go to Downtown Dallas
tonight to a movie theater with my boyfriend, and his best
friend and a date he is hooking him up with, which I am not
to kean on.

Well we are going to go Downtown and play video games a
stuff in a huge arcade place called Tilt. Well I must run
along now, I have many other diaries to fill in for today!
Leave me notes, okay buh bye.

Goodluck readers *~Jessica~*