my so called life
2001-09-22 17:58:15 (UTC)

JAY :)

I finally got a hold of Geri.. we're going to her friend
Bella's.. we're going to watch a movie and eat pizza..
thank god.. I would have killed myself if not.. That's just
so typically me.. I get so lonely. 30 hours without contact
with my friends and.. bam.. I snap.. I think everyone hates
me and I'm going to die lonely.. FUCK ME
Got a message from Tom. "Are you going out tonight?"
Òh, fuck you, Tom!! (I've started saying fuck a lot.. not
good) Did I write that he phoned Thursday? Three times.. It
was kind of awkward actually.. cause it was different.. And
then my cousin got on the phone. He asked what's up with
you and Tom? I was like, oh we're just friends. And then
Tom's friend said, oh, yeah, Tom's really trying to make
friends with you. Bestfriends. Platonic friends. That
sucked. I know we're weird. I should really just tell Tom
to fuck of. But I can't. BAH!
Gotta run..
Take care :)

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