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2001-02-22 20:56:44 (UTC)

It s like being trapped in a..

It's like being trapped in a clear bubble. I can interact
with people, but it seems too exhausting to try to yell
through the bubble. I'd rather just sit there and stare.
They're in a world that I am cut off from.
self-esteem is gone
laughter is rare
sedated feeling
less talkative
feeling like I'm trapped in my mind and too tired to try to
feeling of being shut of from environment
drowsiness & muscle weakness

I never shut up when I'm like this. People seem to get
annoyed with it after a few minutes. I blurt out any
random thought that comes to mind without first thinking.
I feel the need to "tell people off," especially adults.
It almost always causes me to misbehave and most times I
get a referral because of it. It's followed by an intense
feeling of sedation.
constant talking
Need to express opinions (often in a negative way)
extremely optimistic
constant smiling & laughing
feelings of anger and rage
feeling of having to tell everyone exactly what I think of
feeling like I've been betrayed by everyone
impulsive & spontaneous
giant boost in ego
hypersensitive to other's negative opinions towards me
Irritable (the slightest thing sets me off)
Extremely argumentative
feeling of superiority
Motivation level skyrockets

The feeling of euphoria usually lasts for 3-5 days. The
more negative emotions, accompanied by misbehavior in
school, are more towards the end of the euphoric stage. It
ends with extreme exhaustion. The feeling of depression
lasts about the same length of time. However, the
depression comes in a wide range of intensities. The worst
feelings occur right after the "drop-off" from euphoria and
my mood gradually increases until I'm back at the euphoric

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