Jenns stuff
2001-09-22 17:24:13 (UTC)

last week

dear diray

last week was a bad week for me. i wen to school on a
wednesday moring after bein sick, and i didn't have my home
work done. the teacher started tellinm y off for no good
god dammn reason. i told her where to go as fast as she
told me. after that we had math clas. no one likes our math
teacher and he pissed me off and i asked him to help me wit
a question and all he did was told me to figuar it out my
self.. that made me mad!!

Recess time i started flipin out at my friend April. had
to go to the vice princaple.. when i got home, i gotin to a
fight wit my bro and mom. they locked me out of the freakin
house. i couldn't believe that..

well keep checkin for others.