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Trixies in the Wind
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2001-09-22 16:56:01 (UTC)

yard work sucks

It makes you hot and sweaty and stinky right after you just
took a shower.

Save Yourself

i know your life is empty

and you hate to face the world alone

so you're searching for an angel

someone who can make you whole...

i cannot save you i can't even save myself

i know that you've been damned

your soul has suffered much abuse

but i am not your savior

i am just as fucked as you...

i cannot save you i can't even save myself

please don't take pity on me

my life has been a nightmare

my soul is fractured to the bone

so if i must be lonely

i think i'd rather be alone...

you cannot save me you can't even save yourself

i cannot save you i can't even save myself

Dude, theyre cool. I heard that song this mornin, and i
was like, please say who its by, please say who its by, and
the dj on 98 rock did. I was like, you dont suck. he said
he was gunna by the cd, but he bought the new they might be
giants one instead. Lol. Then I was like, awwhhs, muffin!

I have an angel. *grin* ha ha ha ha ha. I love my angel.
He rawks. He called me last night. I was like, yay! And
i was in a funky mood cuz i was sleepy, but i love him.
Hes so cute and funny and he can sing... and i want him.

~later days~

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