Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-22 16:52:42 (UTC)

hey everyone Sup ? Not much..

hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Last night was fun at the game !
Isra's boyfriend Sean came! They were so cute together and
Isra was so happy !!! :)! I didn't get to talk to Adam
lastnight ! and He didn't even write in his journal !!!!!!
Which makes me even more upset ! Oh I forgot to write the
quote yesterday so here it is " Much of the importance of
friendship lies in the honoring of the differences, not
simply enjoying the similarities . "
oh my friend wrote a poem and I wanted to share it with
you cause she did such a good job writing it !
"The Perfect Him
In his eyes:
You see an ocean that never ends
A spirt that cannot break or bend
There is a hope and a love so true
And a promise that he belongs to you
In his arms:
All of your fears are out of sight
There you stay and waste away the night
No words are said but you say too much
When you feel weak his arms are your crutch
From his lips:
Come sweet butterfly kisses on the cheek
Or his words of love to you that he speaks
Everything he says, he says just right
best of all is when he kisses you goodnight
Whatever the case it warms you inside
To know that from his love you cannot hide
By: Katie , T. "
Isn't that so good ! I couldn't believe how good it is !!!
I am so impressed ! I gotta bounce now ! I have to go to my
brothers soccer game !
Love always