A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2001-09-22 16:51:58 (UTC)



So Howz it going for you? Its ok here I Guess..Cept 4 my
mom is making me clean up the house 2day! Grr~! And..I'm
mad cuz My Sister was SUPPOSED 2 take mandy *n* I out 2
eat..and she goes and changes her plans! Typical Lauren!
WEll Im talking 2 Mandy on the phone right now..and we're
talking about how we hate Remixes..Such as the new Usher
Remix! Ne wayz...I think Me *n* HEr are Thinking about
going 2 Concord Millz tonight to go see a movie! Since we
caNT go out 2 eat. My lazy sister is laying on the couch
asleep cuz she did this whole *March of Dimes* thing this
morning 4 the Anchor Club! Yipeeeeeeeee! Sry im just SO
bored, u just dont understand! I hafta read *The Hot Zone*
by this friday 4 Honors Biology..and im only on like pg.
25! Eek! I Need 2 Reaaaaaaad! Well I think im going 2 go!
Lots of Love,

P.S.S. Read Psalms 27:1-3

I LOVE.....