my so called life
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2001-09-22 16:43:01 (UTC)

This Sucks

Well, so much for one good day following another.. These
two last days have sucked bigtime. Friday is this totally
exhausting day.. physics-physics-free period-free period-
maths-maths-chemistry-chemistry. And in the free periods
it's just me and the geeks. bahh.. Carl and I sat in the
cafeteria the whole time. We were supposed to do our
homeworks for chemistryclass but I didn't do anything. He
tried to solve a few tasks, but they're kind of difficult.
Then I met Lucy who told me that she had to go to their
cabin for the weekend,so we couldn't make pizza Saturday.
That sucks. Tiff asked if I wantet to go out that night
(last night). I can't believe them, they're always going
out. I told her no, I couldn't afford it and I've been
going out too much lately. She just wants to meet this
older guy she's been seeing. That sucks, she has a
boyfriend, though things aren't going so great between
them. Everyone else (it seemd) finished school at 1 p.m., I
didn't finish till 3 p.m. So I just went home. I'M SO SICK
OF BEING LISTLESS!! All I want is to have a lot of energy.
When you're healthy you never appriciate it. You take it
for granted. Now that I haven't been feeling well for the
last two months, I swear I'm going to be thankful for every
healthy day.
Well, I went home and laid down to relax. After about
twenty minutes my dad walked in. He started moving my stuff
around and making noise. I was like, Please dad, what are
you doing? My mother had told him to go clean up my room.
It really bugs her that my room(s) is (are) a mess. I got a
little upset and said what's the problem, it's my room! He
freaked, threw all my clothes on the floor and told me to
clean up the fucking mess. I was like, hey, take it easy.
Fuck him. I picked up my clothes and stayed in my room.
After an hour he called "dinner". He was all happy again,
he's such an ass.
Got online later, talked to Lisa. She told me she wants to
go to Bali next year to take ex.phil. She wants me to come
with her. It sounds really, really,really great. Studying,
travelling and experiencing new stuff at the same time. But
Ben told me two years ago that he wanted to go. That will
be the year after, since ha has to go to the military
first, but I didn't want to steal his idea. I talked to him
later and said that Lisa wants me to go with her. He was
like, that's no good, I've been saying that for years. "I
know, but she doesn't know that. Relax, it won't be the
same year". He was like "you copycat". Bah, he sucks. I
really want to go, but I understand why he doesn't like
the idea. BAH!
He was being kind of stupid yesterday. Thursday was his
birthday (I didn't give him a hug, I just told him happy
birthday and wrote him an e.mail) so he's going out
tonight. He asked if I was going and I told him no. He was
like, oh come on, I'm finally 18 and no one's going out. If
no one's going out, it won't be any fun for me, I told him.
Then he rattled off a bunch of people from his classes who
were going. I was like, didn't you say no one was going
out? "eeh, noo?" he replied. Hell yes, he did. Well,
nevermind, I won't nag,he said. OH FUCK YOU. He always
makes me feel so retarded. My friends were going out
Friday, it's no fun going out when you don't know anyone.
Those people from his class are kind of stuckup, I don't
like them all that much. He don't get that. He sucks. Then
he asked "what are you doing tonight?" I dunno, I'm not
feeling so well, I said. Tiff and them are going out,
Lucy's at their cabin and Lisa's working I said. I don't
know where Geri is. He sent Annie a message. She was going
to drive Tiff and them and wanted Ben to accompany her. He
said I'm sure you can come too. Nah, I'm just going to go
to bed, I said. That's boring, he said. Well, fuck you, I'm
My parents are having this dinnerparty tonight and I don't
know what to do. Tiff's working, Lucy's still on their
cabin and I can't get a hold of Geri. Oh, this just SUCKS
BIGTIME. I'll just sit at my computer all evening. Playing
SIMS. That game sucks, it's SO boring, but you kind of get
So, I'm off to feel sorry for myself and try phoning Geri
one more time. I'm such a little sunbeam, aren't I ?