Ducky the Lesbian

useless ramblings of a crazy duck
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2003-02-09 01:07:54 (UTC)

long week past, and longer week 2 come

today is Saturday the 8th.. last week was long.. i didnt
sleep much i had alot going on.. and i feel exhausted
today.. the good news is that week is over.. bad news is an
every WORSE week is about to begin.. meet me.. Ducky ur
typical.. well maybe not soo typical college senior.. who
has 3 tests.. and 2 papers.. next week alone.. and to top
it all off.. has to star in a dinner theater @ our church..
Joy Joy right?? i didnt wanna be in it to start with... but
worse than that.. i was supposed to spend valentines day
with my g/f.. but guess what?? now i cant.. b/c of this
stupid thing.. soo all week long i am gonna be stressed
with school and though i KNEW the school stuff was coming i
still thought i would have something to look forward to @
the end of the week.. something.. more specifically someone
to make this whole week better.. Ever just feel like.. a
simple hug.. or a kind word from the right person.. can
make everything seem worth while.. how u can be hurting so
bad.. but then.. all of a sudden they come along and
brighten up your day.. well that is what my g/f does for
me.. she makes me smile... when i have tears in my eyes..
she wraps me in her love.. when i feel completely alone..
she is more than a lover.. more than my g/f she is one of
my closest and best friends.. and for that i am grateful..

sooo here i sit.. im supposed to be writting my paper right
now but i just cant focus b/c i have alot on my mind.. its
been a ruff couple of days.. alone and its just gonna get
worse and worse as the week progresses.. I miss her.. i
do.. i wish i could see her.. this weekend.. but i cant..
well *sighs* atleast i will get 2 hear her voice.. trust
me.. she is well worth the long distance thing.. though its
not THAT far.. its still far enough to put a big gap in our
relationship.. its far enough soo when i need a hug she
cant just run over here and give me one.. but at the same
time.. we make it work... painful as it may be sometime..
we make it work..

anyways.. now that i have got some of my thoughts out im
fixing to hit the books hard.. i dont know how many of you
read this.. or how many of you care to read this.. but if
you doo.. thanx for letting me rant.. thanx for letting me
just be me.. though i SUCK and keepin up with this thing
like i should.. i am definately going to start makin an
effort ok?? soo you have a fabulous night.. and I.. your
favorite duck.. will talk to you soon..

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