*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-02-09 00:47:55 (UTC)

The Flirtatious Unknown Someone

I went skiing a couple days ago, ya know, with ski club.
Well, you all know the Unknown Someone right? Well anyway,
I was standing at the bottom of the mountain waiting for
Andrea chong an Yasmina and I see the Unknown Someone's
(T.U.S.) friend standing there. I knew there was something
up because he was alone w/o T.U.S. And then all of a sudden
T.U.S. comes up behind me, trys to grab my pole and push me
over. Luckily I fend him off and poke him with my pole. But
I was wondering was he flirting?! And then T.U.S. and his
friend waited at the top of the hill for a while, while I
was riding up the lift. AND THEN he ame over when we were
eating and started talking to us, why would he do that?
USUALLY T.U.S. does not go outof his way to talk to me,
except after lunch on my way Exploring Tech., he sneaks up
behind me everyday and does that opposite shoulder tappy
thing. Hmmmmm, he is becoming very very questionable.


P.S. Jessie Merson gave me her Jimmy Fallon CD for me to
burn and OMG it is so funny. LoL. Yasmin, Andrea Chong,
Rachael, and Lil Megan--TEDDY GRAHAMS!! TASTY! Whoops, I
forgot to get my HELMET!! I don't want to sit with my
brother and BILL! Stripping by the lockers! Ski clubs is
going to give us sooo many inside jokes. LoL.

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