Expressions Of Myself
2001-09-22 15:55:59 (UTC)

Moving On

As Americans try to return to some semblenance of normalcy,
I still sit and ponder what will become of us? Will my
children be able to grow up and have children? Will I be
here to see this happen? Fighting has erupted in the Middle
East....many taking different sides within their own
countries. It's sad to see. How amazing the world would be
if everyone learned that each is different and there is no
right and wrong when it comes to ones long as
it doesn't harm anyone. What we could offer each other is
phenomenal. There would be no hunger, no war, no fear of
each other. Just a unified yet diverse world where everyone
I have worried about my son, Sean, who will be 18 in
November. Would he be drafted? Would I glue myself to the
television each night wondering if he would return? I don't
want to face that. But should it come to that, I will
proudly say my farewell's and pray for the safe return of
anyone who is sent away to defend our freedom. My son and I
haven't been close recently. It isn't because of arguement
or's the path he's chosen in life. He has lost
interest in all those who love and care about him and it is
my hope I can bring him back to reality. This world is very
different now and him not being a part of my life on a
regular basis is hurting me badly. This event on the 11th
of September has made me realize that the little things in
life are the most important and that there is no guarantee
we will be able to accomplish all that we would like. So
now is the time.