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life of a porn star
2001-09-22 15:43:43 (UTC)

another tradgety -bc im a bad person

hmm well i thought things were going ok with tom. last
night i went to his house and it was all good for awhile.
so we were layin on his bed and watching tv. there was mad
tension i thought and after an hour he started to move
closer. so within like a half hour he had his hand on my
leg and i was rubbing his arm. so finally we started
kissing and stuff and it was really good and he fingered me
and felt me up and i went down on him. i guess we were out
of controll a little but then christy and her bf eric came
over and i went home. i went online and told my friends how
happy i was and i could hardly sleep. this morning when i
woke up i was so excited and i was supposed to do something
with him tonight. so i go online and here was what was said

me: morning

tom: hey...

tom: we need to talk.

me: am i in trouble? lol

tom: no but i think i am.... see i dont think i should have
done that last night.

me: me either im never like that

tom: right now i just want to be friends.

me: ok thats cool

me: well gtg i was just checking my mail

tom: ok ttyl

me: ok bye

so now i feel realy used and im so mad at myself
that i ruined it. bc i really liked him and he was really
nice. i thought he liked me and i guess its my own fault
for being such a whore. u think i would have learned by
now. and i dont even think i can be friends with him bc i
do like him a lot. typical. so where does this
leave me now? i sound so stupid blaming it on myself and i
dont feel like crying. i just wish he never said that this
morning bc last night was really fun.