2001-09-22 15:12:49 (UTC)


(shrug)welcome here, to me. aye.
i come here, from od (, because it
dissatisfies me. i cant log in, or do shite. so here i am. i
looked up diaryland, but i could tell all those little
animations would piss the hell out of me.
i seem to be dissatisfied alot recently, with my life. Ive
been through 5 boyfriends in the past two years. Ken, Adam,
Derik, Eric, Ahmed, then Eric agin shortly. The only one i
ever had real feelings for was Derik. My muse, my soul. But
he decided to leave me for a fourteen year old (cough) whore
(cough) from Tacoma (where he's from) so I'm phucked on that
point. He, however was a net relationship, like all of them
except for Ahmed. So i s'pose, i should look at it
relevantly. net=bullshite anyway. yes, its true. i would
have never said that a year ago, now i say it and beleive
im on prozac. but i go through days where i dont take it.
then i'll take all the doses i missed out in one session. i
know myself too well. i smoke too much, i swear too much, i
do poppers too much, i crave hash too much, i self mutilate
too much, i hate too much, i fall in love too much.
it gets kind of pathetic sometimes.
im an aspiring writer, kind of. i write, and people say
'wow, thats pretty alright'and i dont beleive them. (shrug).
i was born/raised/still live in kuwait.and im kind of proud
of the fact. so bite me.