The Diary of an idiot
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2001-09-22 14:55:40 (UTC)

Faly Sabat

Happy Sabbath to you from Tlp307

well let's see what's going on.
I saw Tracy* this morning and that really lifted my
spirits. There is definetely something about her that i
really like cause inintally for breakfast in the cafe i was
planning on being laid back and reserved, but then i saw
her. And I hate to say it but she changed my whole
personality. I went from being tired to full of energy. I
mean dag it was funny, or at least to me it was. Well for
breakfast we had the usual stuff, potatoes, veggie links,
eggs, french toast stix (yeah i know i spelled it wrong SO
WHAT) muffins and other stuff.
Last night i got to talk to my two other semi-sisters,
Janet* and Melissa*.
Let's see how do i describe those two.
Well, Janet is the nice one. She's so innocent n stuff..It
seems like there is no bad bone in her body. All that she
want's to do is to help people no matter what. Right now
she's sloooooowlllly getting into a relationship with this
guy.and that's cool with me. The guy is nice I know him
and from what I know about him, he gets my approval. And i
love that fact that they are slowly getting into a
relationship. That's the way I personally think is should
be done. I believe that a guy and a girl should just be
friends for a while. Yeah they each might know the other
likes them and all. And that's cool with me cause like my
friend Natalie* put it. That's the fun part of a non-
together relationship. Knowing that the person likes you,
and that person knowing that you like them and the two of
you are just gettting to know each other more and more.
There are no jealous feelings when you see the person
talking to someone else because they aren't yours and vice

It's just 2 really cool friends who after about a year or
so finally get together. Yeah i know a year sounds like a
while but its not so bad..I mean you all get to fully know
what you are slowly getting into. And at any time if one
person wants to pull out its ok with both people because it
when it's over you guys are still friends. And not only
friends but the best kind of guy and girl friends because
you know about each other and you know that there is no
chance of you getting together so nobody is scared of
messing up.
There is no fear in that relationship and everything is

Well time to get ready for church