i guess this life
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2001-09-22 14:53:00 (UTC)

My FriDaY nIghT

ok well, i get home fromschool and call mari i like i
always do....and so we talked and stuff....then it started
to rain...and i was mad cuz there was a football game me
and my friends saraRae and KoRey were going to. right when
it stopped raining my doorbell rang...i was like...who the
fuck is this?? and it was sara rae, so we walked to
koreys. it was fun just hangin out w/ her. so we got to
koreys and he puled out the "goods" we bought yesterday at
school...we rolled a couple joints...and began to walk to
the ahhs game. so we lit up one, and it started to rain.
WHEN YOUR HIGH. but we smoked the 2 joints and it was good.
so we went into the game...and it was really nothin, just
a bunch of stuck up rich spoiled kids who get whatever they
want. it pisses me off that people think there better cuz
they are prep. some fucker named tim or something was
giving me shit and i just laughed at him and was like, dude
if i wasnt high, i'd beat the piss outta ya. fuckn all
heritage kids are....nm, cuz mari will end up reading
this... then it seemed like my olld drummer was scared of
my was funny. but then i talked to mari. life
goes on i guess...i know she is gonna read this but, i dont
like her the way i use to. sorry. but i cant lead her on.
well yea...its really wierd. now shes gonna assume that i
like heather...and know what......i do. i cant hide these
things anymore. i cant lead mari on, and hey at least were
still could be alot worse...right?