Morbid Slut

Penguins And Pink Monkies
2001-09-22 14:50:16 (UTC)

I've been denied all the best ultra-sex

well well its been awhile and it seems like too many things
have happened....on the positive side, i got most
individual...hehehe..but now some of my friends are holding
it against me...well i broke up with the fairy cause i
actually had proof that he had cheated on me at the brycc
house...but he still wants me (can't say i blame him)
j/jk...i wanna go to see my other bitch today but its like
a 2 hour drive and i am afraid i will get caught or my car
will die...but i miss him!!! i talked to him for three
hours this morning...i think i am going to quit my job
because it sucks my left cock (amazingly enough i don't
even have one) but yeah i wanna work in an art store. that
would kick ass. too many bitches to little time