Lets talk about life
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2003-02-08 21:16:52 (UTC)

poems i have written in my life

Love for one

The love for one
Is much greater for none
The love for u
Is what I surely can bring

The one I love will never know
For that is what I wish
I will sleep at night knowing
That he does not know my secret
The for one is what I have
I will give my heart to u
If u give one in return
I hope that u understand

The love for u
Is what I wish to do
The things I say to u
But do u think of the good things

I hope that u now know
What I truly feel for u
And hope that one-day
I will be with u

The hurt and pain

I feel so invisible
The pain is hurting
I want to be set free
But for which I would never agree

The hurt and pain u put me through
Is what I hate from u
U put me through so much
And never said I love u

I hope u see that I will never be with u
I am happier with out u
And I hate what u did to me
U made me a different person whom I don’t like

Now that u have seen
What I have became
I hope u will stay away
And leave me in peace

I love you
But I need to be set free
I cant be the way that I was
If u r here with me

I know that it will be hard for u
And me too
But it is something I have to do
To try and be happy without u

I hope u understand
And leave here alone
I need the time to think
And get out of this hole

I am sitting here crying
Because of what I am doing
But for now I think it is the right thing to do
I need to be set free from all this hurt and pain

U r the one causing it all
And me to blame
I let u do this to me and I never had the faith to let go
But now that I do I wish for u to leave me alone

Feel like shit

You make me feel like shit
U make me think that u like me when u don’t
U say that we might go out someday
When I think we wont

U have lost your chance with a Ziesmer girl
Well guess what u may have
People tell u that u had the chance
But you wanted to date someone else

Oh well I can get over it
I just cant get over the fact that u made me feel like shit
I hope u r happy
But remember u lost your chance

I can’t believe u made me feel like shit
I thought u could never do that
But I guess I was wrong
I am wrong about everything

I changed for u
I told someone to fuck off for u
Now I hope u know that I hate every guy
Except for my friend Bill

At least he doesn’t lie to me
And he is always there when I need him
He is always available
And guess what u r not

I actually understand everything u r going through
But u have to go with someone that complains
And is always quiet and never speaks her mind
At least with me u could have had these things and more

But u chose not to
I will get over it
How about u
I know I will but u will not

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