Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-02-08 21:08:41 (UTC)


I just saw the movie. It's quite good, and I love the song
that is played right at the end. I don't know what it's
called though...

I also got out Resident Evil looks shite. I guess I
only chose it so I could bitch about it.
No one's been online all day; I've been so bored.

Oh, last night I made pancake-all on my own. I'm so proud.
lol. I don't mean to sound like a retard but everytime I
make them they get stuck to the pan and are then cremated-
or my Dad kinda un-sticks them from the pan. But last night
I did them all myself.

And we also got East is East out. It's shit. I hate those
films. I hate bollywood. It's the worst thing, EVER. A load
of Indians (Or people from Pakistani--no, not Paki's.
Heaven forbid, that is racism! Even if they are from
Pakistan, you can't call them Pakistanis. Just 'cos they
say so.) living in Manchester thinking they're hilarious.
No, it just doesn't work. Leave the comedy to the people
who know how it works.