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2003-02-08 21:04:40 (UTC)


This week to me has been pretty average, not alot of things
have happened till last night. Around 8.50pm, Friday night,
I got a phone call from my mum telling me that my sister
had been arrested and detained at a police station. My mum
was coming back from town and asked me to go there first. I
ran to a cab station and took one up there. I got there
around 9.15 and was asked to see her. They said that it
would be a while so I sat and waited. About 5 minutes later
an officer came out telling me what had happened to her (no
details of what happened, I rather keep this personal). I
then followed him to see my sister, her eyes were teary but
she wasn't crying. She was there since 5pm and only just
now we had that call. My mom arrived at 9.30 and waited for
me to take my sister home. We went home in the car of one
of my mum's friend, we got home about 9.45. My mum
continued to grill her on what happened today and was
telling her what made her even do this. I think shes
grounded for about 2 months now, hopefully it would be a
wake up call.
I kinda understand what made her do it, when you're 15 you
are more susceptible to peer pressure and living in this
area you tend to get it alot more. My sister is not a very
happy person, she has been through alot and its hard for
her at times. I really do care about her, but she doesn't
want to open up to me; in fact she doesn't really open up
to anyone. Looking at this, I tend to appreciate my life
alot more, everything is going right for me and I'm really
happy. Maybe I haven't really been a good brother in the
past, but I'm trying now. Kim (thats her name, I should
have mention first, silly me) has been through alot of
stress in her life, she has alot more downs than ups. I
just want her to know sometimes, that I really do care about
her, and to count on me to be there for her. I know she
wouldn't but I'll keep doing my best to support her even
she doesn't like me that much, thats not important right
now. Right now all she needs to do is to learn from her
mistakes and try to lead her a life a little better. Moral:
You don't realise you are doing something wrong until you
get burned. Pain is a valuable teacher. I'll see you later.
Take care