Lets talk about life
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2003-02-08 20:57:48 (UTC)


Hey everyone.. my name is Anastasia. i am 17 years old and
i have been thru alot this year in school and in life. i
just got my tongue peirced and i am gettin a tattoo soon..
my b/f and friends r all i got. they all love me to death
and i love them back.. i hate tellin ppl this but this is
why my mother hates me is cuz i am bisexual and i dont know
why she hates ppl like that but it is who i am and no one
can change that.. i love her but she can be so mean and
cruel to me sometimes.. life has been good but when i go ot
school ppl always have to start shit with me and i swear
they will get their asses kicked if they dont stop... i
mean i have more friends then these few ppl have. i have
friends in all grades and they think that these girls r
stupid and need to stop the stupid petty childish shit but
do they listen no they keep doin and they r makin major
asses out of themselves but hey it is their decision. they
can do what they want but one day their mouth will get them
in a shit load of trouble and i will be sittin there
laughin at them cuz they didnt listen to me nor my
friends.. i am on the verge of killin them all cuz they
piss me off so much.. life sux for them.. shit one came
crawlin back to me askin me to be her friend again and i
said nope. she got some major problems and should really
figure them out before talkin or even hain friends.. they
keep blamin shit on me when most isnt me and it keeps goin
on and on but lets just say i am tryin to get over it but
it keeps goin and goin so how the hell am i suppose to get
over it... i will sooner or later.. hopefully sooner cuz i
am gettin tired of it and so isnt some of ehr friends they
r gettin tired of it.. shit it is so childish i mean they
ppl imin me and my friends and then they say they dont talk
shit behind ppl back when i know for a fact that they
do..cuz they got someone comin to me and then goin to them
so this bitch is makin everythin worse cuz she thinks it is
funny and when we dont say shit she makes shit up and tells
them lies.well i am goin to go and u know be bored and
tired of this shit..

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