My Reality
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2003-02-08 20:53:16 (UTC)


Ok so, the whole art institute thing kinda fell thru..
apparently i would have to sell my soul to the devil to be
able to pay for the i have to move on and
figure out some new ideas...ok so ive found a school in
gastonia actually that sounds like a great cosmetology
school, it is a sister school of mitchells, and it sounds
like a great start to what i would like to try and do...all
i have to do is actually find out the details now, it
weirds me out a lil bc i will be living where josh is from,
but i guess i will get over he wont have an
excuse ot not see me when he comes on the
other hand it woulb be nice to be goign to school in
charlotte bc thats where steve is...oh yeah steve:
steve and i are great, he is a true gentleman makes me
really happy, treats me like a queen has some unusual ideas
about sex, not so much unusual just really adventurous for
me, we arent sleeping together bc we both think its
something for only relationships, however he says he likes
me a lot, and honestly i see us heading towards the
relationship, i am happy about this, a lil freaked out bc i
havent been in a real relationship in years but its ok, i
will live...
uh oh...what about josh:
love josh to death wish he could figure things out soon but
he has a life too and i cant rush him, do what ya gotta do
i guess, jsut remember that you are the man of my
dreams....not much i can say about this one, we hardly ever
talk and i havent got to see him since that one time over
the summer...still love him to pieces though...wouldnt mind
having him around a lil more though
anywho, thats pretty much it, im trying to find apartments
that will be for rent over this summer, figure out if i can
afford all of this and and then move, im a lil stressed out
bc im trying to do it wihtout any help and im scared ill
leave out like a serious vital element and just fuck up the
rest of my ok not that extreme but still, i dont
want to look stupid, im ready to move out and be on my own
but god im scared to death....
oh oh one last thing, i think my nutso roommate is finally
moving out, i will literally turn a cartwheel if i get this
place to know i understand how hard having a
long distance relationship is but jesus i cant imagine
driving back and forth an hour both ways everyday just so i
can live at home and be near my boyfriend..i think its so
sad that she is so fucking dependent on her sexually driven
relationship...if all you have is sex and lots of tears
outside of that why the fuck would you reset your whole
life..whhat the fuck is wrong with most girls these
days...i mean i would definetly move for the man that i
love but it would ahve to be under the right terms, i have
a lief too and i refuse to make you the only thing that
matters, i like being an independent woman, and if you can
keep up you can be the boyfriend of a woman who can handle
her own, if not stay the fuck away from me ive got shit to