My Life Story
2001-09-22 13:43:13 (UTC)

My failed suicide attempt or the latest trend in hickeys

All day at school yesterday people kept asking about my
neck. I kept getting all these comments from people about
how it was my failed suicide attempt or how I had been with
some guy who didn't know how to give hickeys or something.
Everyeone was just kidding, but by the end of the day it
was sorta annoying. Even T said something about it being a
hickey which was really weird and unexpected. Oh well. It
is starting to look a little tiny bit better. Hopefully
that means that by next week it won't be as noticeable!
I had a crazy night last night! First of all, during choir
yesterday T came up and said he had bad news. He said that
he needed to stay up at home all weekend but that he was
really really sorry and that we'll talk about homecoming
and everything sometime. He kept apologizing, and I could
tell that he honestly did feel bad, so I was ok with it. At
the end of the day my friend A asked me if I wanted to go
miniature golfing with him and a few other people. I told
him that'd be great. We all met at his house (it was just
four of us....Me, A, K, and L) and played euchre while we
decided what we were gonna do. After A and L beat K and I
we decided to go to Putt N Stuff to play mini golf. It was
so much fun! There were hardly ant other people there so we
were just breaking all the rules and being stupid.
Afterwards we just drove around for awhile. (We all went in
K's car cause we thought it would be stupid for us all to
drive.)We got lost in Orville for awhile, but eventually we
found our way back to Wooster. We still hadn't thought of
anything to do, but when we passed Goodwill A and I both
said we should go there. Right as we were pulling into the
parking lot we saw E and J walking out. They had just
gotten some clothes and were on their way to Coccia Housa.
Since Goodwill was just about to close, we decided we'd go
join them for some dinner. We had to wait forever for our
pizza, but we had some great convos while we watied. When
we were all finally done eating K, A, L, and I decided to
go to Walmart to buy candy. When we got there we saw
Norwayne's band in the parking lot. We were somewhat
confused at first, but then while we were walking around
the store they announced that the band would be coming in
to play in 3 minutes. We knew that this was something we
definitely had to see so we stood along the edge of one of
the aisles they were marching up so we could have a good
view of the 27 person band that was playing it Walmart.
When they started to play it was hilarious! They were so
small....and they were at Walmart!! :) It made our nights.
K went and got himself a big box of Swedish Fish and then
we went and looked at the "fun aisle." It's got all kinds
of random stuff...including silly string. When we saw that
we decided that we would each buy a can. The cashier must
have thought we were crazy when we bought 4 cans of silly
string, but that's ok. We went to K's house and had an all-
out silly string war in his front yard. It didn't last long
cause there's not much in each can, but it was tons of fun
while it lasted! We all decided afterwards that that is
something we'll have to do again. When we cleaned up K's
yard we were bored again so we decided we'd go visit our
friend M down at CW's. We sat and talked for awhile and
then we all had to get home. It was kinda sad to see the
night end, but wow! What a great night! :)