molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
2003-02-08 19:31:49 (UTC)


I hate snow.
It's too bright, gives me a goddamn headache. And it makes
the air too dry which makes my nose bleed.
I hate nose bleeds.
It's saturday afternoon and i have absolutely nothing to do
because my car is snowed in and i'm too lazy to dig it out.
Last night, Jodie and i went to a show with The Flying
Wendys. They were terrible. The highlight of the whole
evening was seeing this fat guy with pants so tight i swear
you'd need the jaws of life to get them off. Sadly my
camera is broken and i couldn't get a picture.
I haven't been to a single good show since Warped Tour. The
Groovie Ghoulies are playing in Pennsylvania next week, but
i'll be in New York for some college interview.
I've decided college is awful too.
I've heard there is a panhandling school somewhere and
studies show that the average bum makes over $100,000 a
year. If i can't be famous, i want to be a bum. it actually
sounds kind of appealing to me. You get to walk around all
day and just look at people...