ton o galaxy
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2003-02-08 18:58:54 (UTC)

i need to remember about this little diary

i'm always forgetting about my little diary. Woke up this
morning with a headache. I mixed the grape and the grain
together. Duh. Nothing some coffee can't take care of
Went to a movie the other night called Girls will be girls
with my non-boyfriend Joe. I was grouchy and irritated
before the movie and he was all needy and that just pissed
me off even more. I was'nt into making out while we were in
line for a movie and he wanted to be all lovie dovie.I was
not interested until after the movie started.

I hate being the one with the attitude sometimes. He is so
sweet i can't be bitchy for long. Anyway the movie was
pretty good.I'll watch anything with drag queens in it.
Well for one i am make-up obsessed, and i always have to
critique these creatures. It's (to me) that is really what
the whole thing about anyway. performance art. Some of
those bitches can be tacky and awful. The ones who wanna be
cher or mariah. But even that takes alot of work to make
some beefy dude from wisconsin have cleavage and walk
around in size 13 pumps. then there is the choreography.
eeEw grrrrll.

I have to get into the habit of writing everyday. I want
to pay the 20$ and get on opendiary. But this bitch has to
make it worth it though.
Okay so i'm off to make my salad for work and you know my
little ass is walking today. It's so beautiful here right
now, walking to work is actually a pleasure. The skies are
clear and as i struggle up the hills i am usually rewarded
with a gorgeous view once i get to the top. i always think
of how many people are in that little valley, how they all
have stories just like me. How if i just kept walking i
would get to the bay in about 30 minutes and forget about
work altogether. Woah fantasy lands.