chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-02-08 18:26:09 (UTC)

outward cry

hollowed out and empty
on an overpass, night
laced together gently
bound for the last flight

come on down and watch me
watch me fall together and die
life is just a dream in
emptiness I cry

Awkwardly kiss the barel to the
dream that feeds the fire
just to keep on dreamin
screamin in the night
why do I have to battle
all these demons
just to fight through
one more shitty day

hear a call to
recon all who
come to fall through
science halls to
record scalds students
that crawl through empty coridors
try to find the doors out

Got to make my effort
plan one last shot
if that doesnt work
ill make my own out
form my own end
take my life without a friend

all to the end
all to the end